St Lawrence’s Hungerford

We are called to love God and love our neighbours as ourselves. So we seek to worship God, to care for others and to be a faithful Christian witness to our community.

We aim;

  • To offer a variety of worship styles at our Services to meet the needs of different people.
  • To support children through a friendly Sunday School and by maintaining strong relationships with Hungerford’s schools.
  • To provide opportunities for people to grow their faith through Alpha, Home Groups and other courses.
  • To serve the community by providing local support groups where there is a need.
  • To make our activities inclusive of a wide range of people, including all ages and different social groups.
  • To establish an inclusive culture in which people feel loved and accepted and in which they share each other’s burdens.
  • To grow the church in terms of numbers and deeper relationships with God.

Priest in Charge

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07548 678234